Easter in Spain


Z okazji zbliżających się Świąt Wielkanocnych życzymy pogody ducha i wiosennego nastroju oraz zachęcamy do zapoznania się z artykułem na temat hiszpańskich zwyczajów związanych z tym świętem. Tekst w języku angielskim przygotowała uczennica klasy 2B, Łucja Mizera.


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Easter in Spain

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, I would like to introduce you to the way Spaniards spend it. Holidays in this country are definitely different from those in Poland. They are celebrated in a more solemn way. They do not know traditions like us and they celebrate more pompously than we do.

While Poles are just getting ready for Easter, the celebrations are already starting in Spain. The period of Easter is called Semana Santa. Every day, processions are organized that cross the city, which are the most important tradition of this holiday. They are organized by the Cofradías religious brotherhoods. Their members are dressed in special outfits called tunics, and on their heads they have so-called capirotes, i.e. cone-shaped hoods. Each fraternity has an internal code governing the dress code for the procession.

The most difficult role in the procession belongs to the costaleros. They are people carrying a huge platform that holds biblical characters. Children dressed in traditional costumes also take part in the processions. The length of the procession can be tiring for a child, so the guardians from time to time give him sweets as a reward for perseverance. Decorated streets, incense, flowers and music add to the atmosphere. The processions can last up to several hours, so there is time for short breaks during the processions. On Sunday and Easter Monday, the Spaniards rest with their families. Spaniards prefer to

spend their holidays on rest and do not spend as much time preparing as we do. They have some traditional dishes. The main one is chickpea soup. The Easter cake is mona de pascua – these are colourful buns with chocolate eggs inside. It is mainly the sweets that reign on the tables, as well as the lemonade.

Spain is a very touristic country, which is why these amazing performances during the Easter holidays attract huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. Each holiday has its own style and looks completely different than we might think.

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